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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide corresponding moulds?

    We have moulds with common shapes, which can be used for customer experiment and process validation. We can also design moulds for customers if required. 
  • What auxiliary devices are required by the equipment?

    For sequential production, the cooling water should be equipped with to cool the hydraulic fluid. For large and medium-sized isostatic press, the lifting device is required to lift materials and material box. 

  • How long is the warranty period of the equipment?

    The warranty period of the complete machine is one year. In the warranty, our company provides maintenance service free of charge; after the expiry of warranty, our company also provides maintenance service and solve the questions of users, however, in case of on-site service, our company will collect the cost, with the formal invoice. 
  • Will you install or debug the equipment for users?

    Our company provides global installation and debugging service, with independent export right, and the customs clearing procedure for export and visas can be handled independently by our company. After receiving the equipment, users can contact our company for on-site installation and debugging. 
  • How to deliver the large equipment?

    After passing the acceptance inspection, the equipment ordered by the users will enter the professional spray room to process appearance. When the paint is dried, it is packed and delivered by automobiles to domestic destinations, or is packed suitable for maritime transport and delivered to relevant port then transported to overseas destinations. 
  • How long is the supply cycle of the equipment?

    Since the isostatic press belongs to customization equipment, we start to produce the equipment after receiving the orders, so the production cycle is generally2 to 7 months according to the different size of the equipment. 
    To rapidly respond to users' demands, our company will store some forgings or complete machines of common models to provide the goods-in-stock or products with shorter delivery period for users.
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