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  • What types of equipment are available?

    SXKYYC produces various kinds of cold isostatic press, warm isostatic press, dry-bag isostatic press and its auxiliary machine, design and collocation of production line. Our company's isostatic presses are mainly the small and medium-sized machines, and the diameter, depth and pressure of which can be customized according to the users' demands. 
    Please contact our sales engineers for more and comprehensive information.
  • Can users consult questions related to isostatic pressing process?

    Our company provides the isostatic pressing technology consulting and material testing service; Equipment selection advice and production line collocation service; Other services related to isostatic pressing technology required by users. 
  • What is the main structure of the equipment?

    The isostatic press is designed and manufactured under the theory that liquid transfers equal pressure (Pascal's Principle) to make the powder form and densify. Compared with other forming method, the density of products manufactured by isostatic pressing technology is more even. 
    The main body of the equipment is mainly used to form and press powders, requiring bearing higher pressure. The pressure-bearing part of our company's isostatic press adopts the forgings with prestressed steel wire winding structure, which is currently recognized as the safest and most reliable structure. 
  • Which industries are isostatic press generally applied to?

    The isostatic press generally applies to the production and test of the forming of ceramics, powder metallurgy, hard alloy, magnetic material, carbon graphite and other powder materials, and also applies to the seawater test, seafood shelling process and other newly developed fields. We hope to jointly develop more application fields with you. 
  • What are the wearing parts of isostatic press?

    The wearing parts of isostatic press mainly are sealing elements, such as various types of sealing rings, valve cores and valve seats. 
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