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Quantitative charging machine

With years of experience in production Quantitative charging machine, Shanxi Golden Kaiyuan Co., Ltd. can supply a wide range of Quantitative charging machine. Quantitative charging machine can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about Quantitative charging machine. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique Quantitative charging machine according to your specific needs.

Isostatic Pressing Process

In the isostatic pressing process, products are put in the closed container full of liquid and applied the equal pressure to each surface to increase their density under high pressure, thus getting the required shapes. With the progress of science and technology, isostatic presses are widely used in the forming of high-temperature refractory, ceramics, cemented carbide, lanthanon permanent magnet, carbon material and rare metal powder. 

Characteristics of Isostatic Pressing Process

1. Isostatic press is used to make the base. The density of the base is high and even. The sintering shrinkage is small, and it is not easy to deform.
2. Long and thin rodlike or tube-shaped bases which are difficult to be made with a conventional molding process. 
3. The products are of high strength and excellent machinability, greatly reducing the internal stress.
4. Mould can easily be made, with long service life and lower cost.
5. The compactions with large size are available, multiple compactions can be made in each cylinder. 

Product Advantages

Higher Security
The high-pressure cavity, yoke frame and booster cavity of all models adopt the prestressed winding structure with steel wire, with the most serious damage of partial steel wire fracture, greatly avoiding the malignant accidents.

Better Reliability
Impurities and sundries left in the high-pressure cavity due to any reasons will jam the oil line, wear valves and even damage the hydraulic pump in the supercharging system to cause the product failures, becoming the main factors greatly affecting to the reliability of isostatic press. 

Different from the working medium and dynamic medium of the traditional isostatic press isolated by rubber membrane, the working medium and dynamic medium of SXKYYC product are isolated by the plunger, which avoid the impurities in the working medium to enter the supercharging system, so that fundamentally prevent the risk of severe damage of isostatic press arising from the impurities. 

The high-pressure cavity is equipped with a composite filter unit to filter the impurities in the working medium. 

The high-pressure oil pipe is of short pipeline and large bore diameter, so it is not easy to be blocked by impurities, and the structure and material of the superhigh pressure throttle valve have strong impurity-resistance capability. 

Customized Function Scheme

Basic Control Scheme
The equipment is equipped with settable dwell time and pressure value and continuously adjustable unloading speed, and can save many sets of process parameters, meeting the production process requirements of most of productive enterprises. 

Lean Control Scheme
The equipment is equipped with settable rate of pressure rise, dwell time, pressure value and rate of pressure relief, supports multiple-pressure-stage process, and can display, save and export the pressure curve, so it is applicable to the research and development institutions and the high-technology industry requiring the accurate control of the production process.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Only the seal ring belongs to the wearing parts. 
SXKYYC adopts the combined sealing technology, so that the seal rings can easily be changed in 15min by yourself. 
The superhigh pressure valve is of low failure rate and easy to be maintained. 
The superhigh pressure valve adopts the patented technology of the company with the valve body separated from the valve seat, is of low failure rate and easy to be maintained. 

Product Model

KJYxyyy - zzz / aaa
x: series of the cold isostatic press (u, s, c or m)
yyy: diameter of high-pressure cavity. 
zzz: depth of high-pressure cavity. 
aaa: maximum working static pressure

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Quantitative charging machine

The Quantitative charging machine is a new design, through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials, the performance of Quantitative charging machine up to a higher standard. We are perfect for every detail of the Quantitative charging machine, guarantee the quality level, so as to bring you the perfect product experience. Shanxi Golden Kaiyuan Co., Ltd. is a professional China Quantitative charging machine manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best Quantitative charging machine with low price, consult us now!

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