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Dry-Bag Isostatic Press

G series dry-bag isostatic press is the large and medium-sized dry isostatic press specially developed to press products with large ratio of length to diameter.
  • G series 150mm above



  • This series equipment is suitable for pressing small products, rodlike or tube-shaped products.

  • Material charging modes include charging outside the equipment and charging in the equipment. Demoulding modes also include automatic demoulding and automatic demoulding + artificial demoulding. The equipment of this series can be linked to constitute automatic forming production line, or to form a complete set of molding equipment with the supporting charging machine, fettling machine, cutting machine and powder recovery device. 

  • The working liquid in the high-pressure cavity is always in the airtight state in the whole working cycle, which completely eradicates the possibility of powder entering working medium in the high-pressure cavity and improves equipment reliability. The working medium will not be brought out of the equipment, so the loss is zero, which guarantees cleanness of working environment.

  • The whole machine adopts servo hydraulic system, the working process is ultra-silent, so the labor environment is optimized.

Control system: Adopt the Omron PLC control modules, with the servo system, to achieve the accurate control of the whole process of pressure rise / relief.

1. Adopt the 10in. full-color touch screen of OMRON, and the system will make an immediate response after your figures touch the button on the screen, which is more in line with the operation habits of perators.

2. Friendly human-computer interface, easy to set parameters and check operation conditions. The pressing process curve can be directly viewed in the interface, or the corresponding pressing data can be exported to the PC by USB flash disk for viewing and storage.

3. The membrane switch is attached to the surface of the control cabinet, and its graphical design with lights makes it easy to be understood.

4. The core oil pump generator system adopts excellent servo pump and supporting control motor to accurately control the whole process of pressure rise / relief, ensure the quiet and smooth operation under lower energy consumption than traditional oil pump generator system.

The process parameters can be set as follows:


Useful diameter of high pressure vessel(mm)

Useful depth of high pressure vessel(mm)300~1200300~1500
Maximum working pressure (MPa)100/150/200
Single working cycle time(min)4~10
Installed power (Kw)20~50
Loading methodInternal loading/external loading
Buck-boost rateAdjustable
Working mediumSpecial oil for isostatic press
HMIFull color touch screen
Record data export interfaceUSB interface
Drive methodHydraulic drive and auxiliary pneumatic drive
Cooling methodOil cooler forced cooling

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